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Bright. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Experience the most powerful microdermabrasion followed by the most advanced hydrating facial in Grand Rapids with the DermaSweepMD.

As we age, fine lines, laxity, pigment and age spots begin to appear. We all want the same thing when it comes to our skin. And by the same thing, we mean a flawless, radiant complexion that emanates skin health and youthfulness. Who doesn’t want beautiful skin, right?

It shouldn’t shock you to know that our skin is in a constant state of transformation.  As we get older, the skin does not regenerate the way it once did. That is simply because of the lifestyle effects such as excessive sun, stress, lifestyle, and diet. All of these areas play a tremendous role in how our skin ages.

DermaSweep’s 3-in-1 bristle tip for micro-resurfacing helps improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Paired with our targeted SkinFusions, this synergistic treatment helps boost collagen and elastin, which results in firmer, more resilient, younger-looking skin. The result is a bright and brilliant more beautiful you!


Exfoliation: Effective micro-resurfacing begins with DermaSweep’s patent-pending bristle tip system.  This papain-free treatment exfoliates the topmost layer of skin to sweep away the appearance of skin imperfections, promote collagen, and improve radiance, tone and texture.

Circulation: Skin benefits from lymphatic drainage, and an increase in oxygenation.  Nourishing nutrients are delivered faster to improve overall skin health and boost collagen.

Infusion: Our paraben-free infusion solutions target specific skincare concerns with cutting-edge ingredients such as Growth   Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and Hyaluronic Acid for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Exfoliation Circulation Infusion


  • Delivers results with one treatment
  • Customizable treatment options
  • Improve pigmentation photo-damage
  • Decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars
  • Improves skin laxity and early sings of aging
  • Diminishes blemishes
  • Safe on sensitive skin and in the eye area
Fundamental Transform Optimize


DermaSweep SkinFusions are available in 3 categories, PremiumFusions, PeelFusions, and EpiFusions. These multi-functional products contain powerful scientifically proven ingredients that include DNA repairing enzymes, skin transforming peptides, age reversing growth factors, nourishing proteins, protective antioxidants, and skin clearing alpha-hydroxy acids. The result is more radiant, supple, firmer skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, overall improved texture and tone with fewer treatments.

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