Hormone Optimization

It’s time to feel strong and be the best version of YOU! Get the energy and vitality you deserve. Don’t settle for your doctor saying: your testosterone level is within the “normal” range. Let’s optimize the level, get your drive back, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Women’s sex hormone levels drop dramatically with menopause, in men production of the male sex hormone testosterone begins a gradual decline after age 40. This is NOT ok to have levels drop without replacement. Often said, we age because our hormones decline. Let’s slow down aging, improve your physique, get your confidence and sexy back with maximizing your levels. Dr. Rosner has personalized programs to best fit you and your lifestyle. All office visits are with Dr. Rosner, not a PA or NP. A telehealth platform is also an option (we respect your time) for follow up visits after the initial appointment.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

-Hair loss
-Decreased focus
-Lowered sex drive
-Problems with erections
-Reduced muscle mass
-Increase in weight
-Increase in sugar levels
-Increase in LDL (bad cholesterol)
-Lower bone density

Dr. Rosner now offers peptides as an option alongside with or without testosterone replacement. HCG is also an option to increase testosterone levels.


Benefits of Sermorelin:

-Increase development of lean body mass
-Reduced body fat
-Increase energy and vitality
-Increase in strength and endurance
-Enhances the immune system
-Improves sleep quality
-Increase bone density

All visits are complete with a body composition (body fat, muscle mass) printout, labs, and treatment plan.

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