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BEST Botox ever!!! Thank you. I canceled my filler from the other place and I want you to do it please!

-Tammy O

My inner thighs are pretty stubborn! I’ve done Cool Sculpturing and Excelis Elite both, and they did not respond. Finally, I decided to do ONE last try, with the Venus Legacy at Dr. Rosner’s Medical Center. My thighs have FINALLY met their match! This may be my first summer in shorts in 5 years!


Thanks to you and your team for helping me be the healthiest I could be that we are expecting our first baby! Thought this would be a very long hard road to get pregnant but my primary physician believes it was because of low stress and my physical health. Baby due December 5th.

-Ashley G

I spoke with Dr. Rosner about leaning out a little. He put me on a diet and routine that really worked. He also informed me about a new machine that he purchased to use for body contouring. I know a lot of people that have done this in the past and it really has worked. After researching the machine he has it has ultrasound included on it, which a no others have. It looks like this is the only thing to actually destroy a fat cell. It looks pretty ground-breaking and excited to try it out. It is nice to finally speak to an actual Medical Doctor about it.

-Drew Patterson

I had such an amazing experience. I got ultrasonic lipo, contouring, and thermolift. Combined with the diet and exercise I was already doing. This worked amazing for me. It tightened up my mom pooch, and I will be back in a bikini for summer! Woohoo

-Cassey N Ryan VerBeek

Dr. Rosner focuses on your personal goals, listens to your wants, and is transparent on the steps necessary in reaching those desires. Adding the body contouring to my busy lifestyle has been one of my most rewarding investments (and easiest!) – I’ve lost 3 inches around my waist in 2 sessions and am enjoying the confidence associated with this fat-loss.

-Brittany H.

My daughter was a breech baby, so I gave birth by C-section. Even though I am very slim and go to the gym regularly, I could not get my stomach to be without rolls when I bent over.  So many rolls, in fact. I tried Cool Sculpturing, and it did not have a huge effect. I tried body contouring at Dr. Rosner’s, probably 10 sessions, and my stomach skin no longer embarrasses me. No, it isn’t perfect, but the difference is amazing.


The staff and Dr. Rosner are very efficient, friendly and go above and beyond to make you not feel ashamed or afraid by the numbers on the scale. They, instead, get proactive and help in any way they can- even setting up your fitness pal!

-Christy W.

I have had 3 thermo-lipo procedures done so far. Painless, peaceful and the results are amazing. I have lost 7 inches off my waist and a full inch off of each arm. Best of all – the dimpling of fat cells is almost non existent. This is a truly revolutionary treatment.

-Pamela C.

I really wanted to do Ultherapy as offered by several local plastic surgeons, but at $3,800 for my entire face and neck, it was just not affordable for me.  I got a second quote, thinking OK – just do the lower part of my face — and it was still $2400!   I didn’t want to give up on the idea of face tightening, so I came to Dr. Rosner’s and tried the Venus Legacy in its place (instead of Ultherapy).   Finally, something that fit my budget, so much so that I was able to do it all, not just settle for “parts” of my face.   After 10 sessions,  I am really, really happy.  And my wallet is too.


Dr. Rosner really wants you to attain your optimal health. So refreshing to have a physician exhibit that kind of old-fashioned compassion largely gone from today’s rushed Dr.’s office. He takes time to Listen, and really get to know you. If you’re looking for escape from the health care assembly line, go see Dr. Rosner. He is not running a factory from his beautiful office.

-Ellen W.

I am a thin person,  with fairly thin arms.   Still, I stopped wearing sleeveless dresses as I hated how my arms looked so untoned and flabby.   Not a lot flabby, as I’m not a big person, but enough that I felt sub-conscious and older than my years.   I did 8 sessions on my arms, focusing on tightening the front skin in particular, and I will say that I am no longer covering up (my arms) as much.    It has really helped my summer/ party confidence.


The staff was very informative and knowledgeable about the services offered. Very relaxing environment and I found the treatment to be relaxing.

-Shawnee Y.

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